Save Time & Money

Besides Scheduling and Managing  Social Media, Buzzeteer is a time and money saving tool. You can schedule your social posts on multiple and relevant social media platforms for any date  time in the future.

Effective Social Media in the Blockchain Economy

Buzzeteer helps you to quickly transform from a social media novice to a social media superstar so you can build an online following and attract prospects in the BlockChain World!

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Both our Pro and Attract plans give you access to the creation of stunning visual posts with over 60 templates and more then 1 MILLION stock photographs an easy way to tell your story and enhance engagement.


Find content that is relevant, engaging andrelated to the blockchain economy.  Create high impact image posts with zero Photoshop experience and schedule it all in advance.


Follow best performing content, Crypto influencers and hashtags. Learn what the optimal times of day to post are & easily reschedule successful content.


Fuel all your social media interaction in one place with a single login. Buzzeteer is easy to use,comes with an intuitive dashboard and comprehensive manuals.

Plans and Pricing

Try our top rated Social Media Scheduling and Management Platform to help you with an effective Blockchain Economy  Social Media Marketing Strategy. Besides scheduling your content it also provides you with a huge stock library of brand conscious social media content. The Buzzeteer social media scheduling and management tool also allows you to analyse and replicate Social Media success.


The Buzzeteer social media management dashboard includes #hashtag research, content research and much, much more…


Free social training to increase your social media success, which is reflected directly in increased growth.


Broaden visibility and effectiveness of valuable content by tracking and amplifying social success and attracting new prospects.

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